Awesome Digital Paintings  by Artem Rhad Cheboha

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reghan cousland: before, during and after the blight

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killing time by drawing a bearded alistair and my warden sharing their reunion kiss at the start of awakening 

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quickish sketch of isabella

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so i think this is what my inquisitor will look like. say hello to rhae!

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been having some serious shenko feels lately, needed to let them out

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i’d say the biggest cause of my seemingly-constant artblock is feelings of inadequacy and not being good enough.

which is why i try to keep a ‘fuck it’ attitude and post whatever i end up drawing. if people end up liking it well then that’s just a bonus

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Alayna Lemmer

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Pascal Campion

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a younger addison shepard, after a rough training session with other alliance recruits 

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